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Anuradha Bezbaruah

Mrs.Anuradha Bezbaruah, wife of Mr.M.P. Bezbaruah, a distinguished civil servant, was formerly lecturer in English in Hamdard University, Delhi and Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati. She has an in Applied Linguistics from London University and English, Gauhati University. In school, she had studied in Loreto Convent, Shillong.

She creates the most delicious dishes, loves to read and is a doting mom and grandma.An exquisitely beautiful woman with a heart of gold .She has picked up her pen after a long hiatus.

On Life’s Beautiful Days by Mrs. Anuradha Bezbaruah

In ‘Life’s Beautiful Days’, Nilakshi Borgohain has depicted a different and not-so-common approach to life .The story is of a miserable, nameless orphan girl in the streets who stops at nothing to fulfil her desires when opportunities come her way. In clear, powerful language the author brings out the complex emotions the protagonist goes through in different situations in her life.  Ms. Borgohain unfolds the story in a style of her own: past events and present happenings are smoothly juxtaposed. Also, the ups and downs the girl goes through are aesthetically synchronized by changes of setting and scenery in the places she travels to for relief. An unconventional touch indeed! This again is in keeping with the unconventional nature of this girl for whom life becomes a game of hide and seek. She errs constantly, often treading the ethically wrong path. Interestingly the girl’s predicament is pitiable and poignant at the same time. However, her mind is ultimately balanced by her recollections of the moral teachings of her childhood benefactress. She also grasps the value of her true friend Alice’s unceasing guidance. .The dark side is thus skilfully neutralised – and a message is subtly conveyed that even in the midst of darkness the right attitude will uncover life’s beautiful days. Ms Borgohain keeps us enthralled and in suspense till the end: we do not know at any point in the book what to expect from this bright and daring girl!

 This truly is a book worth reading. Theme, presentation, language, character portrayal are all strikingly unusual!



Mrs. Emily Das Chowdhary, ex-Additional-Chief-Secretary to the Government of Assam is an officer and lady whose leadership qualities shine with artless grace. An IAS,MBA,(Australia), a warm-hearted homemaker and a voracious reader who enjoys travelling,Emily Das Chowdhary seeks out the positive in every individual and situation.

It is this endearing nature and her aptitude to grasp new subjects at the twinkling of an eye that has lead her to craft beautiful, heartfelt, poems soon as she began penning poetry. Read her refreshingly candid poems in the Readers’ Page.

Emily Das Chowdhary on Waltz in Happiness

Few writers in our time and especially from the North East of India, have touched upon the subject of attaining happiness through the pursuit of a code of values that can never become outdated and archaic.

In her first novel, ‘ Waltz in Happiness ‘, Ms. Borgohain tells us in her highly readable style about the personal and moral struggle faced by Pranjal who is the central character of her book. He was raised by his single mother who instilled in him the high values and principles of life.  Under the impact of the growing professional corporate sector where traditional rural culture of Gurgaon had undergone a remarkable  transformation, Pranjal is now confronted with an entirely different world view. Influenced by his colleagues and friends, his conception of life is changing and he feels no qualms to bend the rules slightly if he can achieve success in his workplace and climb the social ladder.

The gentle author brilliantly explores Pranjal’s conflict in his new surroundings and finally, assisted by his mother and wife, realisation dawns upon him about the magic of a contented life and culture – a life that looks beyond material wealth, seeking happiness in the simple pleasures and joys. The book helps us to see and capture the true essence of life.

The sprinkling of local words throughout the book helps to acquaint the reader to the true Assamese culture, the vivid description of the social lifestyle of the region are all very appealing.

Splendidly readable, the book will capture the hearts and minds of people as it  reveals how honesty, truthfulness, compassion can arouse affection, love and acceptance even in a strange  place and amongst unfamiliar people.


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