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New Hobbies




New Hobbies:

Living with nature

More with Less.

I love my old cotton cloths. Age softens them, making them more comfortable. But whites do stain and tend to look worn out.

I found dyeing my old cotton nightshirts, pyjamas and t-shirts with haldi, that is, turmeric powder, revived them to a sunny tone. The trick is to dry the haldi dyed material in shade. Sunshine robs them of their colour. As haldi is a natural dye, I have noticed that I need to dye the same piece of clothing every six months. But, for me, the comfort is worth the effort.

Whether it is sweet or sour limes growing in your garden, pluck some fresh in the morning, wash them thoroughly, slice them fine and layer them with honey in a glass jar. You can also add ginger or crushed black pepper, if you wish. Keep the jar in the fridge and add a spoonful or two to a glass of warm water. Refreshing drink to keep hydrated in the winters.

Natural dyeing.

Home Garden

Teasle Gourd

Many of you have been asking me about this porcupine-like vegetable It is teasle gourd or spiny gourd. It’s easy to grow and can be fried, stuffed and cooked in a gravy or simply boiled and mashed.It’s a nutrient dense vegetable.



The lockdown days have given us ample time to indulge in our love for gardening.Most of the trees in my garden are from the seeds of the fruits I have eaten.These include the papaya ,pomegranate and guava trees. To grow tomatoes I use ripe tomatoes.I have discovered that a herb garden is useful not only for an endless supply of flavourings but many herb infusions make refreshing beverages.

Fresh tomatoes from my kitchen garden.It is a good idea to ripen tomatoes in batches for use.

Seasonal veggies

Brinjals or Eggplant


A banana flower can make a tasty stir fry dish.The banana flower hangs at the tip of the bunch of bananas.


Spices and Herbs

Holy basil,Tulsi.

Hibiscus Tea

A warm cup of Hibiscus Tea with cinnamon and honey, happiness recipe for winter mornings.

path to flowers and fruits



A few days ago, a storm broke a heavy branch from my neem tree and I was left with a basketful of neem leaves.I washed and dried the mature leaves and made pouches with gauze and pink ribbons and placed them around the house, the cupboards, book shelfs, kitchen etc. as an insect repellent.

Neem is a blood purifier.I used the tender copper and fresh green leaves to make fritters with a light batter, a tasty way to eat these bitter leaves .


Olena ….turmeric flower

Lovely Ljubljana

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